Cryptopia Opened in Read-Only Mode


The New Zealand based Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia is now live in read-only mode. Users can log in and check their balances reported by tweet on 4 March 2019.

The read-only site is live now and users can change password and 2fa for better security. The balance shown is the same as 14 Jan and the accounts were affected by the hacks are restored again.

Cryptopia live update

Now you can watch the Cryptopia Exchange live trading of 14th January. Users can set up their passwords and 2FA codes to secure their accounts.

Cryptopia tweet
Users can check their balance on the day before hack and Cryptopia is estimating the users balances in their account before the hack.

Crytpopia live

Exchanges hacking is so common in crypto world thats why we always recommended to store their crypto into the wallets where you holding your private keys.

Hope cryptopia users will get their funds back and everything will be fine again. 

Do you think that you will get your funds back? Please comment!

Not Your Private Keys Not Your Coins