Cybercriminals spreading Echelon Malware against crypto wallets


Experts found that bad actors are now active with Echelon Malware. They are easily tricking the device of victims with the telegram auto-download feature. 

Not only good actors but also bad actors are adopting the crypto and blockchain industry to make money. As usual, the style of bad actors to make money in the crypto industry is unfair. At present cybercriminals are trying new ideas to trick a crypto user and steal the funds easily. 

The latest report is coming about the Echelon Malware. This malware is a special kind of programmed engineering code, which has multiple abilities against the data and privacy of the computer/mobile users. 

Cybercriminals are spreading files of Echelon Malware to crypto users through Telegram. 

This malware is going to be a big problem for those telegram users, who are using the auto-download feature in the telegram app. Because once the file will be sent to a  cybercriminal then the file will get automatically downloaded to the device. After that victims don’t need to open or close, malware will be able to access the footprint of the computer as well as have the ability to take screenshots. 

Experts suggested that people needed to remain careful about this malware because it can also access details of the non-custodial crypto wallets. The name of the malware file is ” Smokes night”. And also it is recommended to disable the auto-download feature of your telegram account.

Monero mining malware on spider man movie download websites

Recently a report confirmed that the majority of the websites, which are giving free download options for the spider Move no way home, are spreading Monero mining malware on the PC. 

So if you are a crypto user then it is recommended to remain away from such kinds of things, which are free or suspicious.

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