cybersecurity firm says North Korean hackers targeting successful crypto platforms

Kaspersky revealed that a hacker group in North Korea is planning to target the majority of the successful crypto project.

The Crypto and blockchain industry is still in its initial phase of development. On one side, crypto assets are 99.99% safe but on the other hand, platforms, which are giving crypto services are not safe like crypto-assets blockchain networks, because the majority of the crypto platforms are new to this internet world and all of them are trying their best to improve their security against the bad actors. 

Kaspersky, a cybersecurity firm from Russia, published a report and claimed that BlueNoroff, a group of hackers from North Korea, is planning to attack the crypto services. The main goal of this group is to target those crypto platforms, which are highly successful in this industry. 

BlueNoroff is a popularly known hackers group of North Korea. As per records, This group stole more than $1.1 billion from financial institutions worldwide. And also this group is also known to facilitate illegal funding to North Korea. 

According to Kaspersky Labs, these hackers are planning to attack crypto-related services through social engineering and phishing attacks. And for this, they will target the important key people and important discussions in the crypto companies.

In other ways, hackers may try to show that they are top of the Management of Digital Currency Group (DCG), a crypto firm that owns Grayscale Investment and popular crypto news media Coindesk. 

According to the Kaspersky lab report, these hackers may send a suspicious link or some kind of hacking link to the crypto companies to be caught in their illegal illusions and illegal activities. And also these hackers may use 14 names of other high-level crypto Companies. 

According to available data and records, hackers from North Korea stole around $400 million worth of crypto assets alone in 2021, which is 40% higher than what they stole in 2020. 

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