Decentralized crypto Wallet MetaMask And Infura facing backslash

Metamask and Infura wallet are facing huge criticism because these wallets are restricting users with the tag of “Decentralized wallet”. 

Metamask is an Ethereum wallet and also it is known as the best-decentralized web and desktop wallet, at least after the entry of the Defi concept in the crypto Industry. Infura also hosts Ethereum nodes and also provides services in link with multiple platforms. Both of these two platforms are self-claimed decentralized. 

On 3 March many users of these wallets noted that they failed to use the wallet. A Venezuela-based Metamask user raised his voice against Metamask. 

“Now it seems that just being in Venezuela you can’t use the main connection of MetaMask with Ethereum by Infura. This is a sign that “the decentralization” that they proclaim so much is a farce,” affected use tweeted.

On these things, Infura noted that such issues are part of a mistake/error that took place during some setup to follow the Sanctions imposed on Russia, however, it claimed that there is no link between Russia & Ukraine matter. So later the problem has been fixed. 

In response to this incident, Metamask wallet clearly stated that Metamask works on Infura by default and hinted to affected users that it was an issue caused by the Infura misconfiguration. Metamask also explained that users can change their settings under any such types of issues.

The chief executive officer of OracleHawk, Jacob King, responded on this matter and claimed that the majority of the crypto services are centralized, while they claimed that they are decentralized.

“99% of cryptocurrencies and platforms that call themselves “decentralized” are not. They only say it for marketing purposes.”

Larry Cermak, vice president of research at The Block, also responded to these things and suggested all the crypto companies/services follow the neutral stances under these situations otherwise in the future government agencies will force the crypto platforms to block particular IPs addresses users. 

“If Metamask/Infura is open and willing to block countries like Venezuela by IP addresses, it’s only a matter of time until they are forced by regulators to censor individual people’s IP addresses.”

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