DeFi is the ‘American dream’ for all : Former Google scientist

The CEO of Cmorq & former Google scientist, shared his point of view on the DeFi industry and also predicted the future of DeFi based platforms.

Hossein Azari, CEO of Cmorq & former Google scientist, said that, Defi platform wants to grab 1 billion users. And the features of the DeFi projects equate to the ‘American dream’ for all.

In an interview with Kitco News, Azari said that many big players are supporting the DeFi industry adoption and also Defi industry attracting huge amount of user volume from all over the world 

“So we have a great economy. We have built over decades and if not centuries, so the next wave to really grow this, is to become more kind of build more inclusion and DeFi embodies that. So the decentralized finance is basically the American dream for all,” 

Further Azari added that Defi currently has potential to handle $1 trill funds easily and also it has all those features which are needed in present time. Defi can easily solve the limitations and boundation of the traditional financial system. 

And also Azaru claimed that Defi is going to be more secure day by day to give a better ecosystem.

“It’s going to be a more secure, and it’s going to be a better offering for us, because that’s what these people would want to lend that money to American consumer in American business at a much better rate than our banking system would do”

Azari also pointed out the revolution of Defi with the two layers incorporating concepts to enhance security. And also he praised Polygon network by taking the reference of two incorporating two layers.

Well the things are better at their level in the DeFi industry but there are many loopholes which are easy to trick e.g flash loan is a threat on Defi. And also many attacks on the DeFi industry indicate that adoption is not enough, there is big need for improvement by encountering the bugs.

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