Department of Justice looking for a Director for newly Crypto Enforcement Team

The US department of justice is hunting to hire an experienced person who can direct the new Enforcement Team against crypto. 

In the present time, the United States Officials are trying their best to become top-level leaders to regulate the crypto market and associate illicit activities with strict rules. So the US Department of Justice created the  “National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team (NCET)”. 

Right now the DOJ is looking to hire a perfect person who has 5 years of work experience in legal work and also has deep knowledge in Crypto & blockchain.

So here, the DOJ requirement is mainly focused on hiring a person, who can handle the legal work easily to encounter crypto associated criminal activities easily. 

According to the “hiring post of the DOJ”, the director will head the NCET and also will contribute to the investigation in the crypto criminal/crime activities. And NCET will be allowed to use crypto crime encounter tools also. 

Here the requirement of the Justice department clearly says that they will encounter crypto crime activities with their new crypto enforcement team instead of using the public police enforcement team. Experts believe that US regulators will get better ease to handle the case of crypto illicit activities. 

New enforcement team vs working power 

Here, no doubt the US department of justice took better action against the crypto crime activities so that they can provide a better ecosystem for the crypto users. But here old statements are giving controversial indications against the decision of the DOJ. 

In the past, one of the officials of the US Securities and Exchange Commission said that the agency doesn’t need a new enforcement department. They need more work power to handle the cases because there are many things to handle, so a kind of hurdle agencies are facing. So better to increase the hand reach & power instead of a new team. 

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