Deus Finance recovers $1M stolen funds


One of the Deus Finance exploiters returned stolen funds but still, the DeusDao team struggled to recover the rest of the funds. 

Deus Finance is a marketplace for decentralized financial services, where the infrastructure for others to build financial instruments is provided by the DEUS DAO. DeusDao is also an issuer of Dei stablecoin.

On 5 May, The DEUS team reported that a few hackers exploited its BSC chain as well as the Arbitrum network code via a bot. In that hack attack, DeusDao lost nearly $6.5 million worth of crypto assets.

On 6 May, The DEUS Dao team offered a 20% bounty reward & no legal action to the exploiters at the cost if they will return the stolen funds. 

To get help, the Deus Dao team also invited white hat hackers to tackle the situation & prohibit other potential hack attacks. 

Today, Deus Finance confirmed that one of the exploiters returned nearly $1.07 million worth of crypto assets. 

Dei stablecoin

Dei stablecoin is backed by the collateral of a trusted stablecoin and fractionally backed by DEUS tokens, a native token of Deus Finance. 

Because of the hack news, Dei stablecoin lost its peg but now following this good news, Dei token returned to a healthy position.

Deus Finance recovers $1M stolen funds 1

Dues token 

Deus token also surged from the trade price of  $44 to $51, following this news. 

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