Deutsche Telekom company partners with Polkadot

A subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom established a partnership with the Polkadot crypto project to use and support services to each other.

Polkadot is a popular crypto project in this crypto industry because this project was created by one of the co-founders of the Ethereum blockchain network. Right now another independent crypto project Kusama is running in this crypto industry. At present Polkadot is at 10th rank in the crypto industry. 

Deutsche Telekom is a giant telecom company in Germany. Its subsidiary T-Systems MMS (MultiMedia Solutions) established a partnership with Polkadot. 

Under this partnership, T-System MMS will work as validators for the Polkadot blockchain network. In return, T-System MMS will acquire native tokens of Polkadot. 

Right now, Polkadot’s native token is at 10th rank, with a Total Market Cap valuation of $32 billion. And the main aim of the Polkadot project is to eliminate the limitations among the cross-chain blockchain interoperability, which means Polkadot aimed to bring ease for the multiple chains to connect with each other to form a more highly decentralized system without limitation of the choice of network. 

T-Systems MMS will use Open Telekom Cloud for the provision and operation of the infrastructure. Telecom company also confirmed that such cloud systems are highly strict to use under the compliance, this is a clear indication that Polkadot is getting highly trusted & compliance-based support from the non-crypto tech giant companies. 

The Head of the Blockchain Solutions Centre at T-Systems MMS company, Dr. Andreas Dittrich stated about this initiative and said that they already supported people and companies, and now they will support the decentralized network in collaboration with Polkadot. 

“As Deutsche Telekom, we have always supported the collaboration of people and companies, now also with decentralized technologies. Polkadot is a heterogeneous, multi-chain network allowing various blockchains of different characteristics to perform arbitrary, cross-chain communication under shared security. We fully believe in this future vision of a connected world,” Andreas said 

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