Dogecoin is not a meme coin, Here is why?


Popular meme coin Doge is not a meme coin because of several factors.

Dogecoin is popularly known as a meme coin, which was launched by Jackson Palmer & Billy Markus in late 2013. Both of these two developers created & launched Dogecoin because they were trying to educate people that creating a coin is a joke, so indirectly Dogecoin Creator tried to show the crypto industry that people should remain away from new cryptocurrencies, which can be created easily with small coding efforts. 

Initially, Dogecoin grabbed huge popularity, even though it was not designed to make money or something else. Before 2020, Dogecoin was under the list of dead shit coins but in 2020 Tesla CEO Elon Musk jumped in support of this coin and pumped it from $0.01 to $0.7. 

The popularity of Dogecoin birthed a new term “meme coin”, the coins which entered the crypto market without any use case. But in reality, there was an initial real use of Dogecoin, to make people aware of the new cryptocurrencies scam. 

Doge not a Meme coin 

Doge is not a meme coin because on one side its birth was to educate people through awareness and another side Dogecoin runs on its blockchain network, which is not the case for other meme coins. 

At present, huge numbers of meme coins are available in the crypto industry which entered this Digital industry without real use case and are also dependent on other blockchain networks. 

For example, the Shiba Inu meme coin depends on the Ethereum blockchain, Safemoon depends on the Binance Smart Chain network, etc.  

Here we should see this Dogecoin as a unique crypto project in this crypto industry because Dogecoin is not following the trend, instead, it is working to bring a real use case of Doge crypto. 

The developer team of Dogecoin is working with Elon’ SpaceX & Starlink to bring satellite-enabled Dogecoin crypto payment and also internet-less payment via Radio wave technology. 

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