Dogefather talked on rumours about himself being Satoshi Nakamoto

Tesla CEO talked about the rumours that described him as a popular anonymous character, Santoshi Nakamoto. 

Elon Musk is CEO of SpaceX and Tesla company and also he is the owner of multiple tech companies in the world. Elon Musk is popular in almost every industry because of his unique way to handle Innovative businesses. In this crypto industry, Elon is known as a Dogecoin proponent. This is Elon, who is responsible for creating the Dogecoin foundation again, otherwise, the Dogecoin project was working without any developer team in the crypto industry. Because of the support of Elon, Dogecoin Foundation reunited and created a new team and also released Roadmap for the Dogecoin project. 

On 29 December, Elon Musk appeared in a podcast with Lex Fridman. In the interview, Elon talked about many things about himself and Dogecoin. 

In the podcast session, Elon was questioned about what he thinks about the rumours that “Elon is Satoshi Nakamoto, a popular anonymous character, who created Bitcoin”. 

Elon directly dismissed these kinds of rumours and said that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Tesla’s CEO shifted the attention toward the computer scientist and cryptographer Nick Szabo. And claimed that Nick may be the real Satoshi Nakamoto because he is the only Known person, who is responsible for giving a better flow of cryptography knowledge and adoption of Bitcoin. 

” but I’m not sure. That’s neither here nor there, but he (Nick) seems to be more responsible for the ideas behind Bitcoin than anyone else.”

Further, Elon appreciated the existence of the crypto industry and Bitcoin. Elon said that Bitcoin-like assets are better to store value but it is useless for payment purposes. In this way, Elon Musk tried to say how Dogecoin achieved mainstream adoption in the industry by making huge transactions of funds with very low fees. 

“Right now, if you want to do a Bitcoin transaction, the price of doing that transaction is very high so you could not use it effectively for most things, and nor could it even scale to high volume.”

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