Donald Trump asks if Bitcoin could solve US debt issue 


Reportedly the former US president is planning to adopt Bitcoin to reduce the debt pressure from the USA. 

Over the last 100 years, the U.S. federal debt has grown from $403 billion in 1923 to $33.17 trillion in 2023. To understand if a country can manage its debt, it’s useful to compare the debt to the country’s total economic output, known as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This comparison helps show how capable the country is of paying off its debt.

During an X space discussion on Sunday night, David Bailey, the CEO of the highly popular Bitcoin news website BitcoinMagazine and a cryptocurrency aide of the Trump campaign, disclosed that recently he met former US president Donald Trump for the first time. 

Bailey revealed that Trump asked if Bitcoin could help to reduce the $35 trillion debt. BitcoinMagazine CEO replied to Trump that he had some ideas but failed to talk about his ideas, as he wasn’t ready to talk about them in their first meeting.

This is very big news for Bitcoin enthusiasts, as Trump is most expected to be the next US president. 

However recently Trump passed several Bitcoin-friendly statements to get political benefits from the crypto community but this disclosed information is totally different, as he is actually looking toward Bitcoin adoption for the USA & he didn’t talk about this thing publicly. 

In the past many times, the US current president Joe Biden has been criticized by the opposition political leaders because of the surged national debt in the USA. 

As per survey reports, currently, Donald Trump has a 56% winning chance against Biden. 

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