Electronics Retailer Newegg may add support for Shiba inu token

Reports hinted that retail firm Newegg may add Shiba inu coin in their payment option. 

Day by day new platforms are adding Shiba inu to their payment options. And it seems that the trend of adding support for Shiba inu is not going to stop. Because in the latest, Newegg hinted at it. 

On 20 November, the official Twitter account of Newegg tagged @ShytoshiKusama @Shibtoken ( Shiba inu official Twitter page) and urged DM regarding a question. 

After this tweet of the Newegg electronic retail company, rumours started that they may start to accept Shiba inu coin as a payment option. But this is how much true, no one knows.

However, in April of this year, Company started to accept Dogecoin as a payment option on their platform. So there are huge chances that they may do the same for Shiba.

It is worth noting, if we look at the comments on this tweet of Newegg then we will see that there are many people, which are eagerly waiting for the firm to add Shiba in the payment method because they want to buy items with Shiba inu token payment method. 

Newegg added the Bitcoin payment method for the first time in 2014 and after that, it became the first-ever retail e-commerce firm to accept crypto in the world. 

ZenGo & CoinGate 

Before this, CoinGate added Shiba inu in their payment option and claimed that they see every crypto asset as a payment coin. 

ZenGo (a noncustodial platform) added support for the Shiba inu token and said that they want to provide all the services for which their users are doing demand. 

These things are showing the increasing trend of the Shiba inu meme coin. Every company wants to promote their company and want to grab attention in the crypto market. 

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