Elon Musk’ Starlink will make Dogecoin Unstoppable: Matt Wallace

Popular YouTuber again highlighted the significance of Tesla CEO presence in the Dogecoin project as a tech supporter. 

Elon Musk is CEO of SpaceX and Tesla car motors company. In the last more than one and half years, he supported bitcoin and Dogecoin. In particular, Elon supported Dogecoin over Bitcoin and Ethereum. And also promised to work on the Dogecoin blockchain network with the team of Dogecoin. That actual improvement and results can be seen in the Dogecoin community easily.

Elon Musk’s company is working to bring wireless satellite internet services through its Starlink system. However, Starlink never officially announced that it will integrate the Dogecoin blockchain network but some reports confirmed that there are huge chances that Elon Musk will support wireless transactions of Dogecoin through collaboration with Starlink technology. 

On 27 December, a popular YouTube and big Dogecoin supporter, Matt Wallace wrote on Twitter that Starlink is going to make Dogecoin Unstoppable. 

Here the written statement of Matt Wallace is not giving any kind of doubt whether Starlink will integrate Dogecoin or not but it is giving 100% surety that Starlink is working on this initiative. 

In the past, a lecturer from Imperial College London, Arthur Gervais, shared his research on Starlink support for Dogecoin and asserted that the Dogecoin network may have better potential and efficiency with Starlink services. 

“Dogecoin could very well scale its transaction throughput by orders of magnitude if its miners were to engage in a dedicated Starlink relay network. Using Starlink as a network to propagate blockchain peer-to-peer data among miners would equally help speed up substantially the current blockchain throughput, without deteriorating its security.”

Now it will be interesting to see what will happen in the future, whether Elon Musk will also give a space for Dogecoin in Starlink or he will remain limited to the Dogecoin use in Tesla merch sales. 

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