ETH spot ETF will inject up to $4.8B into the Ethereum market in 5 months: K33 Research 


Analysis showed that there is potential for a $4.8 billion money inflow in the Ethereum market, post ETH spot ETF trading start. 

As we know 10 days ago, on 24 May 2024, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved proposed Ethereum spot ETF applications. 

Now the ETF spot ETF application issuers are waiting for the regulatory approval to start the trading of these crypto ETFs on the stock exchanges. Experts believe that it may take a few weeks to up to 3 months to see the final trading approval by the SEC. 

On 4 June 2024, crypto analytics firm K33 Research published a report on the Ethereum spot ETF applications and predicted that the Ethereum ETF market will attract a net inflow of a minimum of $3 billion to a maximum of $4.8 billion in the first 5 months of trading. 

Alternatively, we can say the trading of ETH spot ETF may help to extract 800k to 1.26 million ETH coins from the Ethereum market, which is about 0.7%-1.05% of the total ETH coin supply and, it will lead to a significant increase in ETH prices.

K33 made its forecast by comparing global ETH exchange-traded products to similar Bitcoin products and considering the open interest in ETH futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Here crypto people need to understand that all these are only part of the prediction & we should not rely on these expected figures. For instance, the Bitcoin spot ETF market saw an inflow of multi-fold money inflow over what the top ETF experts predicted.

Ethereum price action 

The current trade price of the Ethereum (ETH) coin is $3,821 & this trade price is 1.4% higher over the last 24 hours. 

ETH spot ETF will inject up to $4.8B into the Ethereum market in 5 months: K33 Research  1

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