Ethereum 2.0 Staking Pools’ Critical Bug Safely Patched

The developers of the Ethereum 2.0 stacking pool finally patched a bug, which was very critical for the operations of Stacking pool. 

Dmitri Tsumak, the founder of the ETH 2.0 staking platform StakeWise, identified the bug in the Rocket Pool and Lido. 

According to Tsumak, he found that bug in the Morning of Monday. And there was around 24 hours time for the launching of Rocket Pool on Ethereum Mainnet. After this, Tsumak informed that team about it and postponed the launching and patched the bug for now. 

Tsumak also claimed that they were in doubt with the same kind of bug in the Lido, and found that same problem also with the Lido. 

Bug critical issue

Bug was in the smart contract coding. And this bug was very critical Because Bug enables node validators to remove the funds from the pool of their users. 

Since, the team claimed that they have trusted node validators, so there was not a big problem for them but still it was a big issue because there was risk of 100 ETH of users’ funds. While currently the $4.66 billion fund is locked.

Right now, bugs are patched to stop any kind of exploit but here it is worth noting that the bug is not completely fixed, they are working to fix it at best.

StakeWise further tweeted about it, that why they announced about the bug publicly. StakeWise said that they patched the bug and added 

“At StakeWise, we believe that even when dealing with our competitors, the more secure we are collectively, the stronger the entire #ETH2 staking ecosystem becomes. To achieve this, we must communicate and watch each other’s backs.”

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