Ethereum co-founder says Cardano is going to become the biggest crypto


Charles Hoskinson praised the silent role of Cardano and said that it will overtake Bitcoin & Ethereum in the future.

Cardano is a popular Proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain network that can be used to process crypto transactions at very high speed. Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano. Hoskinson always remains focused on pushing the development activities in the Cardano ecosystem over promotional activities.

Recently Charles Hoskinson appeared at the Rare Evo conference and said that Cardano devs mainly focussed toward Cardano’s commitment to on-chain governance, to remain fully decentralised with the help of community involvement at a mass scale.

Furthermore, Hoskinson added:

“So, that is our challenge, and this is why I think that Cardano is probably going to become the biggest cryptocurrency in the world. I think that it’s going to become more than just a cryptocurrency.

According to Hoskinson, Cardano will emerge as the backbone of a new digital world where people will trust each other under Cardano’s decentralised roof.

Cardano’s founder also noted that the blockchain design behind Bitcoin & Ethereum is not very good. In particular, he noted that Bitcoin’s static design has been unchanged for 13 years and may lead to Achilles’ heel in the long term.

On the Ethereum crypto empire, Hoskinson believes that it can’t achieve chain governance at a better level. He noted that crypto platforms on such platforms are matured enough & they are mainly trying to collect the users instead of bringing them a part of the on-chain governance.

The current trade market cap of Cardano is below $10 billion, and of Bitcoin & Ethereu is $500 billion & $198 billion respectively. So the gap is very big and obviously, Hoskinson should wait for Cardano’s dominance to pass such big comments.

On the same day, Ethereum proponents appreciated Coinbase’s Base blockchain (launched 2 weeks ago) and said that Base’s total locked volume (TVL) surpassed Cardano blockchain TVL.

This Ethereum influencer is called Cardano blockchain, a zombie chain. 

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