Ethereum co-founders say Vitalik Buterin is greatly important for Ethereum future


Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin and other crypto industry experts appreciated the role & influence of Vitalik Buterin in the future of the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

Vitalik Buterin is one of the core co-founders of Ethereum, a leading blockchain platform that supports smart contracts and decentralised applications. Born in 1994, Buterin is a Russian-Canadian programmer and writer. He conceived Ethereum in 2013 to expand the capabilities of blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin, leading to its launch in 2015. Buterin is highly influential in the cryptocurrency community, known for his technical expertise and vision for decentralised, blockchain-based solutions.

In a “Decentralize with Cointelegraph podcast”, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin appreciated the role of Vitalik Buterin and said that Vitalik contributes significantly by providing an overall plan or vision that others can develop in detail. 

Also, Vitalik sees himself more as a crypto economist, focusing on the economic aspects of cryptocurrency, rather than as a computer scientist.

Lucas Schor, CEO of Safe Wallet, spoke to Jenkinson at Safe{Con} in Berlin and talked about Vitalik’s influence on the Ethereum ecosystem.

Schor said that among other leaders for Ethereum, Vitalik’s influence always has “extra impact” because his solution against the challenges remains technically better with a long-term vision.

Vitalik Buterin on Bitcoin & other crypto projects 

No doubt that Vitalik Buterin is a successful crypto entrepreneur, thanks to his technical vision which allows him to think against technical challenges. 

Even though Vitalik is a co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain, he always respects other rival crypto projects & always appreciates their unique technologies. 

Recently Vitalik shared his opinion on Bitcoin blockchain’s block size. He said that people who want bigger blocks are right about the main issues, but those who want smaller blocks make fewer technical mistakes. The big block supporters often miss the need for execution capabilities and keep splitting into different groups.

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