Ethereum PoW Faced Replay Attack


Blockchain analytic platform BlockSec confirmed that Ethereum Proof-of-work (ETHW) faced “Replay Attack” but not on the chain level.

Ethereum Proof-of-work (ETHW) is indeed a real Ethereum blockchain network on Proof-of-work consensus but the backed value of ETHW is different from ETH PoS. Here we can say that Ethereum developers technically cloned the ETH token of Proof-of-work to ETH Proof-of-stake coins and few crypto exchanges supported Ethereum Proof-of-work (ETHW) as a new coin. Now the current value of ETHw is $4.87, which is 95% down. 

On 18 September, Crypto blockchain analytic firm BlockSec informed the crypto community that some bad actors tried to replay the Ethereum PoS message on the Ethereum PoW chain.

“exploiters are replaying the message (calldata) of the PoS chain on @EthereumPow.”

BlockSec noted that the main issue was associated with the contract because the protocol’ bridge contract failed to verify the chain I’d correctly.

“The root cause of the exploitation is that the bridge doesn’t correctly verify the actual chained (which is maintained by itself) of the cross-chain message,” BlockSec said

The analytic firm also explained that the exploiter tried to make 200 ETW extra through the Replay Attack and he might have been able to drain the funds on the contract deployed on the ETHW chain.

The ETH PoW team confirmed that the attack took place but at the same time they confirmed that the attack was not on the chain and indirectly hinted that people don’t need to take tension about the security of the network. 

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