Ethereum will replace Bitcoin in terms of leading crypto network : Polygon Co-founder

According to Polygon Co-founder, Ethereum will replace Bitcoin in terms of leading crypto network. That means adoption of Ethereum will be more than Bitcoin.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Sandeep nailwal, Co-founder of Polygon, talked about the Ethereum & Polygon claimed that polygon’s scaling solution will help Ethereum to push out the Bitcoin from space. 

Sandeep said that Polygon will ensure the scaling solution of Ether network in the long term to achieve success. And in the present time there are many high scalability solutions, which are alternatives to Ethereum. For example Solana, but it will be very early to say that Solana is an Ethereum killer. 

Further Sandeep added that Ethereum has better security and decentralized nature and also has a better chain of trust from the community. 

After that, Sandeep asserted that Bitcoin can’t sustain its position against Ethereum because with Ethereum there are many use cases, while Bitcoin doesn’t have.

Further Sandeep targeted one of the main things of Bitcoin i.e anonymous nature, and claimed that if Bitcoin will not expand its utility beyond the mere monetary system function then it may not survive in the long term as a layer-1 protocol.

“It may take 10 years from now, but I don’t see a world where multiple layer-1 protocols exist.”

So Polygon Co-founder believes that use cases and compliance with the monetary system of the blockchain projects are the biggest need to sustain their existence in the crypto space. 

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