Fake Crypto Ledger wallet in Microsoft Store loots 17 Bitcoins 


A fake self-crypto custody wallet launched in the Microsoft app store successfully looted $768k worth of Bitcoin & Ethereum. 

Ledger is a self crypto custody wallet solution by the famous crypto company Ledger which provides online & offline (hardware) crypto wallets for the crypto Investors to store crypto funds under self control. Ledger offers three different types of wallets: the Ledger Nano S Plus, the Ledger Nano X, and the Ledger Stax, and people choose these wallets on behalf of requirement. 

On 5 Nov 2023, Popular Crypto Detective ZachXBT reported that a wise bad actor misused the Microsoft app store to steal money from Bitcoin investors easily. 

That bad actor launched a fake Ledger crypto wallet app in the Microsoft app store by the name Ledger Live Web3. 

According to ZachXBT, that bad guy secured a total of 16.8 Bitcoins worth nearly $588k at the current trade price of Bitcoin and $180k worth of Ethereum (ETH) coins. That means a fake app launcher made a net $768k.

This app was looking like an official ledger app to connect the Ledger hardware wallet  to the Ledger Web3 wallet, to manage the hardware wallet funds. 

At the time of writing this article, this app has been removed from the Microsoft app store. Probably many people reported against that fake app following the information by ZachXBT. 

Such types of illegal activities across the top trusted app store show Microsoft’s security team also needs to invest time in the crypto & blockchain sector, to bring new rules to filter out crypto-related bad actors easily. 

Earlier this we reported that the majority of PC/laptop users faced crypto wallet hacking attacks because they downloaded wallet apps directly from unauthorised sources following the sponsored link that appeared in the top search results across the search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, etc. 

This latest news created a new question in the mind of crypto investors: where should we go to download the official crypto wallet apps. 

Here we would like to suggest to our readers to always read app reviews of the corresponding app in the app store and make sure that the app is not launched by a third-party company or launched just a few days back. Such types of small reviews may help to keep fake or suspicious apps from mobile & smartphones.

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