Fake Skype app stealing crypto assets


SlowMist reported that a group of bad actors are continuously targeting crypto investors via fake popular applications. 

SlowMist is a popular blockchain ecosystem security company providing cybersecurity audits and protection for leading digital asset exchanges, crypto wallets, public chains, and smart contracts. 

On 13 Nov 2023, Slowmist published a report on the surging fake apps across the internet world.

Slowmist investigation found that there is a group of bad actors who launch fake apps on the internet and easily drag innocent people into the scam trap. 

According to SlowMist, a group of bad actors created a fake version of the popular internet calling platform Skype. This app can change the crypto address that a smartphone user tries to copy from any text source. In short, this fake app can monitor and replace the transfer address entered by the user.

According to the SlowMist team, this group is also responsible for a fake Binance app which grabbed huge attention when many people reported loss of their funds when they downloaded Binance from an unauthorized source.

Earlier this we reported that hackers & scammers usually use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to show their suspicious links containing websites in the top search results in the search engines. Sometimes these people use paid services to appear in the top search results to easily catch the bad actors. 

These hackers are targeting innocent & noob crypto investors via multiple websites and multiple platforms i.e. computers, smartphones, etc. 

Recently we reported how a bad actor easily launched a fake Ledger crypto wallet in Microsoft’s official app store and easily stole nearly 17+ Bitcoins from innocent Bitcoin investors.

With these reports, we are trying to educate people to remain aware of such small & big levels of scams and always download apps from official app stores.

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