FBI seized Around $2.3M in Crypto associated with Ransomware Gang

The Federal Bureau of Investigation seized more than $2 million worth of crypto assets. Seized crypto transactions were associated with Ransomware gangs REvil.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation( FBI) is trying its best to encounter and bust all kinds of illicit activities related to all crypto and non-crypto. In Recent years, Crypto adoption increased with the adoption of crimes also. However, the crime rate with the use of crypto is less than the non-crypto, but still, there is a big need to bring better rules and regulations to restrict these kinds of activities. The FBI is doing well, in this matter. 

In the latest, according to a CNN report, the FBI seized around $2.3 million worth of crypto assets. These crypto-assets are “traceable to ransomware attacks committed by Skin”. According to the US enforcement agency, Silerin is associated with the gang REvil, which is popularly known for ransom attacks, in the darknet. 

This action of the FBI agent was part of the strict action on the recent attacks on the online infrastructure of the US that were exploited with illicit activities like Ransomware attacks, where funding was associated with the  Russian and Eastern European cybercriminals. 

According to reports, the White House and US administration raised their concerns over the involvement of cybercriminals in the Russian federation. White House urged Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, to take strict action against these cybercriminals and also make more strict regulations to keep these bad actors away. 

Earlier this, the US justice department seized around $6 million worth of crypto assets. The whole seizure was associated with a Russian resident and also he was linked with the devil. According to reports, criminals conducted more than 3000 Ransomware attacks and a few attacks took place within the municipalities around Texas. 

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