Few people Claim they were able to exploit Binance’s deposit system: Fud


During the temporary maintenance works at Binance, a few people spread rumours that they exploited a vulnerability on the Binance exchange to make more money via the easy deposit method. 

Binance is a top-ranked crypto exchange, thanks to its highly secured & transparent financial operations. On 24 March, the Binance exchange went through temporary maintenance because of a bug, which stopped spot trading on the exchange. After a couple of hours of maintenance work, Binance restarted its spot trading & fund withdrawal successfully.

On the same day, many people started to spread false rumours that they were able to claim their deposit two times against a single-time deposit, during maintenance hours. 

The official Chinese Twitter account of the Binance exchange noted such fake news and confirmed that such an approach to exploit Binance’s system is impossible. 

The finance team confirmed that they initiated an investigation against these claims and also against such people, as a part of the exchange’s terms & conditions.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) also responded to such news and confirmed that these are not more than FUD and that these things are not true.

A few crypto Twitter users noted that false rumour spreaders are tricking innocent crypto Investors easily on behalf of these FUD.

BNB coin

BNB is a native coin of the Binance exchange and the current trade price of BNB is $323 & this trade price is 32% high than the last 24 hours’ trade price.

Few people Claim they were able to exploit Binance's deposit system: Fud 1

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