Flexa Network adds support for Cardano (ADA)

Payment network firm announced that it will support the payment of native token of Cardano blockchain network.

Flexa network is a North America-based payment network company, which was initially launched in 2018. In 2019, Flexa announced to support payment in Crypto assets. After that adoption of the digital assets-based payment services, Flexa grabbed huge attention in the crypto and non-crypto industry because of the Vast number of available options to receive payments. Right now there are huge numbers of merchants, which are using the Flexa network. And its services are available at 40,000 locations in the United States, so we can understand very well what is the potential of this payment network company. 

Flexa network announced that the native token of the Cardano project, ADA, is now live on the Flexa network and people can easily pay at more than 40,000 locations in the US. 

This decision of the Flexa network showed that Flexa is inclined to the popularity and trend of the tech innovations. 

In the last week, Flexa Network added support for the Shiba inu coin. Adding support for the Shiba inu meme coins was only part to grab attention in the industry and grabbing a huge user base. However, the latest decision of the Flex network is much better over the Shiba support because Shiba is a meme coin and the origin of Shiba was total with no use case, while Cardano is a leading crypto blockchain network of the crypto industry. Cardano is known as a rival of the Ethereum-like blockchain network. 

Flexa Network partnership with Regal 

On 23 November, Flexa network established a partnership with Regal. 

Regal is a subsidiary of the popular theatre circuits in the United States. 

Through the press release, Regal announced its partnership and offer a plan with the Flexa network and stated:

” Flexa’s guaranteed settlement, flexible integration options, fraud-proof architecture, and breadth of currency and payment options solve enduring challenges and points of friction that are currently hindering the widespread adoption of digital assets”

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