Former Republican candidate says Shiba inu token can’t hit $1


Gokhshtein Media founder shared his price prediction on the Shiba Inu meme token.

Shiba Inu is a popular meme token, which took birth without any use case but later after getting popularity, the project team did multiple development works to make this meme token much better like flagship assets. Since few days, Shiba Inu token started to get traction because of the airdrop and list support plan of US-based public crypto & stock exchange Robinhood. 

Recently David Gokhshtein, founder of Gokhshtein Media and former US congressional candidate, tweeted regarding Shiba in token and noted that he don’t think that the Shiba Inu token may hit $1 but at the same time he claimed that it may hit $0.001 and surely he will take it. 

“I don’t believe $SHIB will hit $1, but I can see it touchin$0.001…My personal opinion…I’ll take it.”

Reports noted that the tweet by Gokhshtein Media founder came because of listing support by the Robinhood crypto exchange, which was refusing to list it. 

This is not the first time, when Mr. Gokhshtein shared his opinion on Shiba Inu price prediction. Earlier in Q4 2021, he supported this coin and claimed that the majority of the people were talking about it so he will go with this coin. And Pac Protocol founder grabbed huge profit with his investment in Shiba. 

Gokhshtein is also a crypto influencer and also his support for the Shiba Inu token resulted in more support. But there were still few crypto proponents, who criticized meme-based coins ideas. 

In particular, Anthony Pompliano, a crypto influencer & proponent, shared his stance on the Shiba Inu token in his YouTube video and said that the investment system doesn’t work like these ways and also described Shiba Inu as Dog poo.

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