Former SEC Chair Joins Fireblocks as Advisor


Jay Clayton, ex-chairman of SEC, now joined the Fireblocks. FireBlocks is a digital asset custody provider firm.

It became a very common thing to get a job in any big crypto firm for those who have a history of working in government authorities. Binance recently hired two people from the SEC’s authority. Now Jay Clayton is joining a crypto firm. 

According to reports, Jay Clayton joined a crypto assets custody provider firm. This firm is itself a big firm and has huge trust in the crypto community for their services. 

At the end of July, Fireblocks company confirmed their firm as a strong unicorn  through a D round funding of $310 million.

Recently Jay Clayton worked in the SEC to play a role of SEC boss to sue distributed ledger provider Ripple. 

Now, during the joining of Fire Blocks, Clayton talked to The Financial Times and said that Blockchain is near to inventible. But he also emphasized at the point that it should not violate any laws.

“I’ve always loved the potential efficiencies of this technology. But just because technology holds great promise doesn’t mean you can use it to evade the law”

The CEO of Fireblocks, Michael Shaulov praised Clayton’s quality and stated 

“Jay’s insights on financial stability and security in financial markets are unparalleled”

So now, Jay Clayton will work in Fireblocks to help the company to establish safety and the security infrastructure.

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