former supermarket warehouse manager became rich with Shiba Inu investment

A poor guy finally became a rich person through a systematic Investment in Shiba inu coin and now he has left his job. 

Recently, Forbes published a report on a Shiba Inu coin Investors, who became rich people after living a long poor life. 

The name of this Shiba inu millionaire is Rob and his age is around 35 years old. Rob was working as a supermarket warehouse manager and due to low salary income, he started to do research in the crypto market and best crypto assets to invest the money. After doing huge research, Rob started to invest in flagship assets and also in Shiba inu coins because of the DogeCoin price surge. 

Rob started his investment in the Shiba inu coin before the start of the pump. 

As we know, the price of Shiba inu surged by 1200 times from February to May. After this surge, Rob started to withdraw his position and withdraw around $500,000. 

In the present time, Shiba is at a 6 times surge over the last few weeks. 

former supermarket warehouse manager became rich with Shiba Inu investment 1

Rob also told Forbes that he cried a lot when he exited from Shiba investment. However, Rob admitted that he was a very poor guy, so it was a really big amount for him and now as he is a millionaire, so quit his job and is living at home full of enjoyment. 

At present, Rob split his Investment in multiple crypto assets instead to remain stuck with the Shiba coin. He also invested in a Leash token, which is also a meme token. 

It is worth noting, Rob is not alone who became a millionaire. Already Many people revealed their success with Shiba inu. One of the popular stories of Shiba inu coin Investor became multi-billionaire. That guy invested $8000 in August 2020 and now he owns more than $5.7 billion. 

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