Former Tik-Tok gaming head launches own blockchain video platform


The former chief executive officer of short video platform Tik-Tok jumped into the crypto industry.

Tik-Tok is a small video clip-sharing social platform, where people can upload & watch short videos. Tik-Tok grabbed huge success in the whole world but data privacy policies of some countries degraded the demand & restricted the platform use in many countries, including India. 

Jason Phan, former head of the gaming division & Ex-CEO of short video service platform, left Tik-Tok and now he launched a blockchain-focused gaming startup Meta0. However, Jason believes that there is room to grow in the innovative industry of short video platforms but his entry into the crypto industry from social media platforms is showing that he is much interested in crypto, which is more innovative & has huge opportunities.

Ex Tik-Tok executive said:

“Right now, if you look at any developer when they implement NFT or blockchain into their games, they have to choose one blockchain, be it Polygon, Solana, or Binance Smart Chain. But imagine a more compatible option.”

Jason wants to lead the crypto industry to create a blockchain infrastructure where different Metaverse can be connected.

Meta0, project launched by Jason, is currently under the leadership & work of six people and two co-founders. This early-stage company completed its first fundraise round but the raised fund amount was not disclosed yet. 

This new startup is currently working on a blockchain technology-based protocol that will allow developers to “grow their gaming edge across different blockchains and give the user the flexibility to transfer their NFTs between networks.”

At present, the crypto market is facing significant downfall and also creating a situation where big crypto companies can’t sustain their business easily. But still, this situation is a big opportunity for the new startups to build and show a better presence in the better phase of this industry.

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