Former US president says “If you’re in favour of crypto you’re gonna vote for Trump”


Donald Trump requested 50 million US crypto investors to vote for him against Joe Biden.

Donald Trump is a former President of the United States who served from 2017 to 2021. During his tenure, he expressed mixed opinions on cryptocurrency, sometimes criticizing it for its volatility but also acknowledging its potential.
In the last couple of weeks, Trump represented himself as a crypto fan US presidential candidate.

Recently during a Wednesday night party in Mar-a-Lago, Trump said that crypto people should vote for him, not Joe Biden who wants to end crypto in the USA.

“If you’re in favor of crypto you’re gonna vote for Trump because they want to end it”, Trump said.

Furthermore, Trump said that he would accept cryptocurrencies in the form of donations for his campaigns.

Trump also criticised the current US president Joe Biden and said that Biden doesn’t know anything about cryptocurrencies further he showed himself as a crypto & blockchain technology user, indirectly he talked about Trump Trading Card NFTs.

Furthermore Trump indirectly also said that he would stop US crypto companies from leaving the US crypto market via crypto-friendly crystal clear rules & laws.

It is worth it to note that currently 50 million Americans invest in Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies and this number represents less than 0.15% of the US population.
So here we can say that Trump aimed to target each & every sector to get diversified voting support.
Notably, Indian-origin American businessman & Bitcoin advocate Vivek Ramaswamy was also in the US presidential election race but he decided to quit & suggested his supporters give support to Trump.

Ramaswamy successfully secured nearly 10% public support with his two agendas, namely Bitcoin-supportive laws & bill to ban CBDC.

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