Former White House Director says cryptocurrencies future is bright


Skybridge Capital’s founder raised concerns over the weak leaders of cryptocurrencies among US politicians.

Crypto and blockchain adoption is surging rapidly like an alternative market. However adoption rates are better but among the government officials, Crypto failed to make that place or we can say not many US government officials showed strong supported nature to the crypto Industry. Here we are not talking about Cynthia Lummis like US senators, who are working in favour of the Crypto industry with full confidence. 

On 6 April, At the Australian Financial Review Crypto Summit, Anthony Scaramucci, former Director of Communications at the White House and founder of Skybridge Capital, talked about the present and future of the Crypto industry and also about the US politicians supporting the crypto industry.

Anthony confidently said that due to the innovative technology of crypto and blockchain, its future seems clunky right now. 

Besides the better future expectations, Anthony has concerns about the leadership quality among the US politicians, which seem not powerful in favour of crypto. Anthony thinks such facts may degrade the adoption level and growth of the crypto industry.

Skybridge Capital founder also indirectly targeted Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who speaks negatively in private about issues or people such as Trump, but then speaks positively in public. So Anthony thinks that the crypto industry will not attach its hope to such types of people. 

Here such statements by Anthony will be fair because he is experienced in the crypto industry and also among government officials. 

In the present time, Ted Cruz holds a respective position among US Politicians and also among crypto proponents. Recently he introduced legislation on 30 March, which aimed to restrict the Federal Reserve from issuing a central bank digital currency (CBDC), or Digital Dollar, to individuals.

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