FTX crypto exchange bought ad slot in Super Bowl LVI t

Crypto exchange FTX is ready to advertise its crypto products in the Television network among football fans.

The National Football League will be held in America in Feb 2022. The popularity of Football in America is very high. Here, the FTX crypto exchange secured an advertisement slot in this game event on the Television network. 

Under the agreement, over 92 million viewers will watch FTX exchange advertisements on television. Right now the Super Bowl is a highly rated game. Even in the past, this game grabbed a huge rating which was around 28/30. 

In the present situation, the FTX crypto exchange is planning to boost its advertisement of crypto products among sports fans, especially football lovers. 

The founder and CEO of the FTX crypto exchange elaborated  on this acquisition of the ad slot 

*There is a no bigger, more mainstream event to share a message like that than the Super Bowl”

However, the deal price for the ad slot is not yet disclosed by the exchange. But next year’s Super Bowl is $6.5 million. The price for only a 30-second ad at the 2021 event was $5.5 million.

FTX plans to expand crypto business in the US

At present, almost the whole crypto industry is planning to make a huge profit through their better services. 

FTX is also one of them. Recently the FTX firm stated that United States regulators are doing better work for the crypto market. Bitcoin futures ETF approval by the US regulators is a clear sign that US authorities want to see the crypto market in the long term. 

FTX CEO claimed that after getting out of all types of legal hurdles, the company will move toward the United States to expand its crypto business. 

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