GitHub unbans crypto mixing platform Tornado Cash


Despite the illegal status of Tornado Cash in the United States, GitHub unbanned the crypto mixing platform Tornado Cash.

Tornado Cash is an Ethereum blockchain-based Tornado Cash platform, which provides crypto mixing services for crypto users to remain anonymous. In the past, many bad actors used the Tornado Cash platform to facilitate illegal money transactions. Only in the last year of time frame, Tornado Cash was used to launder more than $1 billion worth of funds.

On 22 September, Preston Van Loon, core developer in the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, informed the crypto community that open source code sharing platform GitHub officially unbanned Tornado Cash. Now the open source code and past developed shared open source code on GitHub are available.

GitHub unbans crypto mixing platform Tornado Cash 1

Ethereum developer confirmed that the open-source code of Tornado Cash is available only in read-only form & no further development work will be allowed on GitHub because that may encourage the use of Tornado Cash, which is illegal under the jurisdiction of the United States.

“It looks like everything is in “read-only” mode, but that progresses from an outright ban. I still encourage @github to reverse all actions and return the repositories to their former status,” the Ethereum developer said.

Earlier on 13 September, this Ethereum developer took the reference of the statement of the US treasury department and said that sharing the open source code of Tornado Cash is legal and urged GitHub to unban Tornado Cash.

No Possibilities of Uban on Tornado Cash

On 8 September, the U.S. Treasury issued a public statement on the Tornado Cash ban and talked about the main reasons for banning the Tornado Cash crypto mixing platform.
The announcement of the Tornado Cash ban by the US treasury department confirmed that there is no such kind of plans, which could allow the use of Tornado Cash as a legal activity.

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