Google Cloud will help Near developers to scale Web3 development works


Near Protocol established a partnership with Google’s cloud service to bring better technical support for the Near Protocol Devs to work at a better level Web3 based development works. 

NEAR Protocol is a decentralized application (dApp) platform and it is a proclaimed Ethereum rival which focuses on developer and user-friendliness in its ecosystem. NEAR token, the native token of Near Protocol can be used to pay for transaction fees and data stored on the Near platform. 

On 4 October, Near Foundation announced its partnership with Google Cloud, to provide better technical support to the developers of its crypto protocol ecosystem.

“Google Cloud will provide technical support for NEAR grant recipients. Open and developer-friendly, Google Cloud will support devs as they build and scale their Web3 projects and dApps,” the announcement read.

The CEO of the NEAR Foundation, Marieke Flament, talked about this step of the NEAR project and said that it is going to be the best possible way to provide tech support for the devs in the NEAR Protocol Ecosystem, which will further help them to build next-level innovations.

Earlier this a similar kind of partnership was established by Google Cloud with Binance exchange to support the developers to deploy their Binance Smart Chain supported projects on Google Cloud Platform to provide high scale & high secure processes.

In the past few years, the giant internet search engine platform Google showed smooth stances toward the crypto space. In 2017, Google started to impose restrictions on Crypto-related ads but now the situation has changed. 

In January of this year, Google established its blockchain team, to help & provide a better ecosystem for the crypto dedicated projects on the Google Cloud platform. 

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