Google searches for NFTs spike over the Dogecoin, Ethereum


Researchers found that people searched with very high frequency about NFTs and ‘NonFungible tokens’ over Ethereum and Dogecoin-like assets. 

The concept of NFTs, to bring the use of crypto to the next level, created history because the trend of NFTs is not getting down. Day by day new platforms and projects are integrating their services indirectly and directly with the NFTs related things. And also it is attracting a big part of the non-crypto industry toward crypto.

According to google trend analysis, the surge in the NFTs search frequency is increasing much rapidly over other crypto-related terms. And this surge is more after the ‘Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot and vintage Ethereum-based NFTs saw frenzied speculation’.

At the end of July, the surge in the frequency of the ‘NFTs’ term was around 75%. And now the interest in search results is increasing again with October. 

Google searches for NFTs spike over the Dogecoin, Ethereum 1
Search volume for “NFT” (blue) and “non-fungible token” (red) over 24 months: Google Trends

Over the last three months, the surge in NFTs term is around twofold. It is worth noting, the surge in the NFTs and related terms is more even over the long-term search terms like Ethereum, Defi, and Blockchain.

Strangely, NFTs beated Dogecoin also, which was at number one position in the second quarter of this year. 

The top countries, which are searching about NFTs, are from the Asian region. These countries, in particular, are China, Uganda, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. 

Crypto is banned in China but still, particular Chinese companies are not getting back with NFTs. Most of the companies are using the NFTs marketplace with the fiat currency and also using small different names instead of NFTs. It is something strange, we can hope that Chinese mainland users will not search NFTs by next year, because China will be almost 100% crypto-free country in 2022. And probably people will forget NFTs, not NFTs concept. 

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