Google supporting Ennoconn Corporation for Metaverse project

A Taiwan-based subsidiary of Foxconn getting full support from Google, for its Metaverse project. 

Right now Metaverse is in full trend and there are only a few crypto projects in the crypto industry, which are supporting Metaverse-based initiatives. As this new concept is new to the world, these things needed better financial and technical support. 

Ennoconn Corporation is a Taiwan-based computer hardware subsidiary of an iPhone supplier company, Foxconn. It is ready to receive a US$39.8 million investment from Google. And this investment will be used by this company in its two plans on metaverse projects in Taiwan.

On Tuesday, Ennoconn Corporation confirmed that Google is backing on its Metaverse-based project. After the completion of the whole project, Google will be the owner of a 4.6% stake in Ennoconn.

In the past, Ennoconn also grabbed better support from Google through the use of Google cloud services. This company already did many types of work such as the creation of motherboards for many business companies. 

Ennoconn is known for its tech products production-like servers and gadgets for 5G applications and the Internet of Things. So we can understand very well how much better it is for metaverse-based initiatives. 

In November of last year, this company organized a virtual show. Through the virtual show, Terry Goi- founder of Ennoconn appeared in the avatar form and he introduced the e-vehicle concept. In actuality, that was a strategy of the company to show, how much this company is eager the Metaverse-based based project. 

HTC is also a Taiwan-based company and this company entered the tech business with smartphone-based products but later the company started to focus on virtual reality-based projects. Probably, this is the best time for this company to show the power and efforts that the company did in the past. 

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