Hacker drains $691k with the help of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik’s X (Twitter) account hack 


A hacker succeeded in looting $691k worth of crypto assets from some of Vitalik Buterin’s X followers. 

Vitalik Buterin is a crypto personality. He is the core co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain network. He is a Russian-Canadian software programmer and currently living his life with fully focused only on blockchain technology adoption across the world. 

On 10 Sep 2023, The X account of Vitalik Buterin was hacked by a hacker. That unknown hacker wisely posted a tweet via Vitalik’s X account to easily impersonate that the post was by Vitalik.

The hacker attached a suspicious link with that tweet and invited people to collect free NFTs ( non-fungible tokens).

Hacker drains $691k with the help of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik's X (Twitter) account hack  1

Some people noted that Vitalik’s X account was hacked and also they warned people to remain away from any kind of crypto financial activities with the attached link.

Later Vitalik’s father also tweeted a post & confirmed that Vitalik’s account had been compromised and suggested to ignore the hacker’s tweets.

Now that suspicious tweet has disappeared, which showed that Vitalik successfully recovered his X account. 

But sad to say that in this small time frame, that hacker succeeded in stealing nearly $691k worth of crypto assets from innocent people.

A crypto user said that Vitalik is fully responsible for this incident, as he failed to maintain the security of his X account, so he should give compensation to all the affected people.

The popular crypto detective ZachXBT defended Vitalik against allegations and said that no one knew what happened and that there is a huge chance that the hacker attacked via sim swap attack method, a very common cyber attack nowadays in this world.

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