Hacker made 1 BTC via Youtube channel hack & fake Bitcoin giveaway


A hacker hacked a YouTube channel, with more than 13 million subscribers, and tricked the followers easily through an old video interview of Microstrategy founder Michael Saylor, where he talked about Bitcoin.

Due to a lack of education & information about crypto among the majority of the population, they usually get into crypto scams easily. One of the popular crypto scams is fake giveaways and it attracts newbies of this crypto industry very fast. An example of this type of scam can be seen in the latest case where scammer(s) made easily more than a BTC. 

On 9 September, a hacker, or we can say a crypto scammer hijacked a YouTube account Scuba Jake. This YouTube account has a total of 13 million subscribers, which is itself a very big follower base. At this moment the account has been successfully recovered by the main owner.

Hacker made 1 BTC via Youtube channel hack & fake Bitcoin giveaway 1
Scuba Jake confirming the YouTube channel hack. Source: Instagram

Hacker made 1.01BTC 

When the hacker hacked the channel then he changed the name of the channel to MicroStrategy US, a bitcoin bullish company which is holding around 130,000 Bitcoin on the company balance sheet. 

After that, the hacker posted a fake Bitcoin & Ethereum giveaway, just after 2 live stream of an old videos of Micheal Saylor, a former CEO and founder of Microstrategy. 

Hacker was successful to collect around 1.01073833 BTC through his full YouTube channel hack & fake crypto giveaway plan. 

Through the available detailed records of the shared bitcoin address of the hacker, it is confirmed that the hacker received this amount of Bitcoin from small investors, who got into this fake giveaway scam to earn a small amount of funds. 

However it was a very easy job for the hacker to collect this amount of Bitcoin but in reality, it will not be easy for that hacker to use this stolen amount of Bitcoin, because the bitcoin network is Public & surely he will be caught by investigation agencies. 

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