Hacker returns stolen half fund to XCarnival


NFT lending pool XCarnival successfully received half of the lost fund, which was stolen by the hacker.

XCarnival is an NFTs lending protocol. On 26 June, the NFTs pool of this protocol faced a hacking attack and lost around $3.8 million in ETH from the platform. On the same day, the team suspended all operations to prohibit further exploits in the platform. 

Later on the same day, the team informed about the whole incident and also offered a 1,500 ETH bounty for the hacker, so that the hacker could easily return the stolen funds. 

Today on 27 June, the team reported that it received 1,467 ETH back from the hacker. The tweet confirmed that investigators found out the location of the hacker. 

The main bug was associated with the collateral system, which enabled the attacker to borrow multiple times against the same NFT collateral. 

Harmony Protocol

Earlier this, Harmony Protocol’s Horizon bridge faced an attack and lost around $100 million worth of crypto assets. 

The project team behind Harmony Protocol offered $1 million as a bounty for the hacker.

The team is working at their best to get back all the stolen funds from the hacker and also the team promised that it will not file any charge if he/she will return the funds. 

These things are showing that the majority of the Defi protocols are still under the initial development phase and probably the industry of Defi needed more time to become perfect against vulnerability. 

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