Hacker targets MetaMask users with help of Namecheap email: Scam alert


A few scammers hacked the email access of Namecheap and started to spread a suspicious link in the form of an invoice. 

Namecheap is a domain registrar company, which provides easy domain buy services. In the crypto sector, Namecheap is popular because of crypto payment support on this platform. On 13 Feb 2023, the Namecheap team disclosed that its email service was compromised by unidentified people but now the team gained control back.

Namecheap also assured the customers that all the services of Namecheap are unaffected and none of its services were compromised.

Reportedly hackers used the Namecheap mail service to send suspicious links embedded mail to the Namecheap users and they were pretending to be genuine because they were sending those mails to pretend that they are from delivery platform DHL or Crypto wallet MetaMask. 

In the suspicious invoice mail, hackers were trying to convince the users to follow a phishing web page to provide the crypto wallet private key or back-up phrase, to remain away from wallet service suspension. 

The MetaMask team warned people against this phishing campaign and urged people not to provide any kind of KYC verification detail, Private Key & word back-up because MetaMask never asks for such details from the customers. 

Just a month ago, Microsoft’s intelligence team noted that the majority of the hacker groups are planning to introduce their hacking efforts in the Crypto sector.

A recent report noted that more than 83% of the hack attacks in the Crypto industry were found linked with North Korean hackers. And hackers mainly targeted Defi platforms to steal crypto funds easily.

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