Hayman Capital Management founder says next year intense regulation on crypto by the US

The founder of the Capital Management firm shared his take on the crypto regulation and claimed that next year, restricted crypto rules will be imposed by the government authorities of the US. And advised the new crypto investors in this field to remain aware about making money. 

Kyle Bass, founder, and chief investment officer of Hayman Capital Management, appeared in an interview with the Investor’s Podcast Network last week.

Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager for a long time. And also loves to have private currency ( crypto assets). Kyle Bass believes that private money is a better substitute over the gold and silver assets. 

According to Kyle, Government authorities started to take strict action against the crypto industry and further continues 

“I tend to think that you’re going to see authoritarian governments and Western democracies alike start to clamp down on bitcoin”

Further, Kyle took the reference of China and claimed that China was the first to start to kick out crypto. In the very beginning, they kicked out crypto miners, and after that crypto. And all this happened almost one year earlier than what we expected.

On the United States regulators, Kyle said that authorities are going to take more intense steps over the crypto by next year. He added: 

“I think next year, you’re going to see intense regulation come from the US Treasury and the IRS”

Kyle also warned the new crypto investors indirectly. Kyle said that huge money is already made from this space. Furthermore, it is very hard to make. 

 “I think the easy money has been made … I think from here on out, it’s going to be difficult to make money there.”

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