Hedge Fund Brevan Howard plans to Expands Crypto Business

Hedge fund Brevan Howard finally decided to expand their digital assets based business and the firm confirmed that they hired for the new unit of digital assets firm which will lead the firm for their crypto business.

In the present time crypto adoption and demand is going at tremendous level and every financial institution and investor want to integrate their services with crypto directly or indirectly so that they sustain their services and business perfectly in the long run. Hedge fund Brevan became the latest to expand their business with digital assets with their new hired team.

According to a Reuters report, Brevan Howard created a team “BH Digital”. This team will lead the firm for digital assets based business. 

And in addition to the creation of the Digital assets unit team BH Digital, they will also hire Colleen Sullivan. 

Colleen Sullivan is currently Chief executive officer of the digital arm of trading firm CMT. Now Colleen will lead private and venture investments in crypto.

This report by Reuters on Brevan Howard, shows the huge inflow of fund manager firms in the crypto industry. A recent report also somewhat sounds the same for crypto businesses like Paul Tudor and the Man Group which trades bitcoin futures.

Here it is worth noting that demand for digital assets Increasing among wealthy Investors. A recent report covered by Bitcoinik.com of DBS Bank, which confirmed how high profile investors are moving towards high level banks which are giving better custody to the funds of fund manager companies, and they are seeing that huge growth in their business.

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