HedgeTrade Public Launch and Partnership with Bittrex Global

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a profound impact on the economy. When the epidemic first emerged, we saw an array of stocks and markets decline at an alarming rate. At this point in time, we are seeing the effects gradually mellow out and it may continue to do so with various operations opening back up. However, experts say that it’s important for those struggling with debt to think about the longer haul. After all, there is still very little clarity as to how long the effects will stick around.

From an economic standpoint, people are looking for more transparent financial solutions and ways to earn money. Many are finding themselves looking at cryptocurrencies with curiosity, the idea of digital money very enticing. While crypto was one of the fields hit hard by the coronavirus, it still appears to thrive in the face of the epidemic.

Among the many crypto platforms that are maintaining stability are HedgeTrade and Bittrex Global. Recently, these two platforms formed a partnership, hoping to make the sharing of crypto market forecasts and trading easier. With Bittrex – calling themselves “the next generation cryptocurrency exchange” – and HedgeTrade – the world leader in crypto social trading – working together, we can only expect amazing things.

In fact, in light of this partnership, there was a $5 million giveaway that incentivized Bittrex 

Global users to buy HEDG tokens on the Bittrex Global exchange and deposit them to a HEDG wallet to receive a 20% bonus.

HedgeTrade’s launch

HedgeTrade is a user-friendly open market for trading insights that mutually benefits professionals and novices. The platform aligns the goals of both expert users and amateur users. It gives traders with experience the ability to earn HEDG tokens from their Blueprints (trading predictions with specific entry and exit points). From there, they can create a reputation drawing from a one-of-a-kind ranking system that assesses their predictions’ value.

For novices, they can benefit by purchasing or unlocking the Blueprints. Using them as a jumping off point, they can make their own cryptocurrency trades. If the prediction ends up being correct, then the trader who originally created it gets its stake back and earns the purchasers’ proceeds. If it’s incorrect, then the Blueprint buyers will get a refund of their HEDG tokens. Moreover, the first seven buyers will earn a share of the lost stake.

Not too long ago – mere hours, even – HedgeTrade initiated the full launch of their platform. Back in December of 2019, they released  their invitation-only-Beta version of the platform. In March of this year, they launched its public-Beta. Afterwards, thousands of people would register to the platform and have been actively using it since. In the process, they would build a dynamic community consisting of trading experts and novices alike. They post and purchase prediction Blueprints, with the potential to earn HEDG tokens on all sides of the model.

A better future

Bittrex Global’s primary goal is to “help advance the blockchain industry by fostering innovation, incubating new and emerging technologies.” Its ultimate mission is to be the driving force behind transformative change. HedgeTrade is built by traders for traders and strives to create the absolute best trading experience, using blockchain powered transparency and automation to deliver trusted market insights.

Both companies are part of a disruptive financial movement toward open, public platforms. Through blockchain technology they have the ability to vastly increase financial inclusion while also being able to immediately scale on a global basis. We look forward to seeing more developments on both the HedgeTrade and Bittrex Global platforms!