After an impressive pre-sale, that sold out in 15 seconds, the 2.5m MC, NFT-DeFi project ‘Wolves of Wall Street’ (WOWS) will launch its public SFT Cryptofolio purchase platform on 22nd March 2021 at 5pm UTC. A successful private beta testing round, which saw selected partners and investors of the WOWS project, including Defi-Ted, Jeffex from NFY.Finance and Ash Loadmaster from NFT Army, buy their chosen SFT Cryptofolios, the team are now ready to go public beta.

The WOWS are the first NFT project in the world to utilise SFTs as a full-suite, Cryptofolio (C-Folio) that can hold NFT liquidity Pool tokens, NFT upgrades and native and external NFTs to be used as collateral for lending. There will be 4 levels of C-Folios available, and each will have inherent profit earning potential and other gamified enhancements. The project features two opposing packs, the Wolf Traders, aka the liquidity pool stakers and the Business Bois, aka the stable-coin yield farmers. Investors can choose whether they want to buy liquidity pool NFT tokens for staking (Wolves) and / or stable coin NFT’s to earn yield in Yearn (Bois). Added enhanced gamification will allow investors to add and trade NFT upgrades to enhance profit-making potential, within each level, as well as raid and defend their profits for further earning scope.

Investors who use the C-Folios will also be able to bundle NFT upgrades, rewards, NFT liquidity pool tokens and sell them on the WOWS D’app or other leading NFT marketplaces as a locked state NFT, setting any price. Purchasing investors can then come back to the D’app and unlock them to manage their C-Folios or redeem the underlying locked value individually.

Other features on the roadmap include allowing investors to bring in NFTs from external sources and bundle them and sell them as a curated art C-Folio with their own unique name. We also read they will collateralise the underlying value of both native and external NFTs within the C-Folios for lending options with Ruler Protocol, secured in part by the NFT themselves. Eventually, investors will be able to hold Synths ( tokenized real-world assets) such as property.

This public beta launch will sell the first two SFT levels, Prodigy (Level 1) with 4 Wolf Traders and 4 Business Bois characters and Phenom (Level 2) which will house 3 Wolf Traders and 3 Business Bois characters. Each character created is an exclusive edition with only 20 of each Wolf or Boi cryptofolio made. The pricing of each SFT will be as follows; 1 WOWS (currently $303) for the Prodigy level and 3 WOWS (currently $906) for the Phenom level.

The WOWS public D’app launches at 5pm UTC on 22nd March and will be strictly, first come, first served. The URL will be announced two hours before launch across all social channels (below) and on the WOWS Telegram. Investors will be able to visit, make purchases and view their purchases in the ‘My Pack’ section. Importantly to note, the SFT C-Folios will be in an UNLOCKED state and therefore by design WILL NOT be able to be sold on any platform until the launch of the yield farming protocol in about 2 weeks’ time. An official date for this will be announced.

For further press information and launch details please contact:

[email protected]

Website: https://www.wolvesofwallstreet.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WolvesWallst

Medium: https://wolvesofwallstreet.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/wolveswallstreet

Discord: https://discord.gg/CCqZtze8kg

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