Hit Network fires popular crypto influencer, Ben Armstrong


The Hit Network removed Ben Armstrong from the BitBoy-Crypto brand. 

Ben Armstrong is a popular crypto influencer and he is the main actor behind the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel. Armstrong contributed hugely to the crypto sector by educating people about Bitcoin and crypto over the last several years. Since 2018, Armstrong has been engaged in this crypto sector as a full-time crypto influencer. BitBoy-Crypto is a brand under BJ Investment Holdings, the parent company of Hit Network. 

On 28 Aug 2023, The company announced that they removed Ben Armstrong from the company, especially from the BitBoy-Crypto brand. 

The company said that removing Armstrong from the company was an effort to compensate the employees who faced emotional, financial, & physical damage.

Ben Armstrong responded through BenCoin X’s account and confirmed that the news was true and also claimed that they are nothing without him.

In the Crypto X community, the majority of the Crypto users are talking about this matter and claimed that Hit Network did wrong with Armstrong and also in the future they would change their decision because they are nothing without Armstrong.

Following this news, the Ben token trade price crashed by 42% within 24 hours, showing the level of panic among the Ben token holders. 

Hit Network fires popular crypto influencer, Ben Armstrong 1

The Ben token team talked about this matter and confirmed that Ben token is independent of the Hit Network & BitBoy-Crypto brand and its leader Ben Armstrong is only the exclusive controller behind the project team.

Now it will be interesting to see the next move by Hit Network, whether they will consider hiring Armstrong or another crypto influencer, which will be a tough job for the company.

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