Hong Kong based crypto exchange uses Elon Musk’s Deepfake to promote services 


The Hong Kong Securities regulatory body warned against the misleading promotions of AI-based crypto trading services by some unknown actors in the jurisdiction of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a crypto supportive jurisdiction. People there like using new technology, and the city has a strong financial system. Even though some rules are not clear yet, many businesses and startups are getting involved in cryptocurrencies. It’s like Hong Kong is becoming an important place for crypto. 

As we know these days the majority of the new startups are trying to show their connection with Artificial intelligence (AI) technology to get attention.

People can generate any type of video that they want, they’re able to copy anyone’s voice & facial expression that they want with the help of AI technology. 

Recently the Hong Kong securities regulatory body warned people to remain aware of Quantum AI or AI Quantum crypto trading platform. This crypto platform provides AI technology-based crypto trading services but unconfirmed whether they are genuine with their promises or not. 

The Hong Kong financial regulator urged citizens to remain away from the platform because they are promoting their platform by using Elon Musk’s deep fake AI video. In short, they are pretending that they are backed by the world’s richest person Elon Musk, which is not the reality. 

It is worth it to know that the mentioned AI crypto trading platform is different from NASA’s Quantum AI Lab (QuAIL), which focuses on quantum computing research and is unrelated to the fraudulent activities in question.

So here we can say that they are promoting their crypto trading services unethically and there are chances that the accused platform may be backed by bad actors. 

Hong Kong regulatory body updates its list of crypto bad actors time to time, to keep citizens aware of the fake or illicit crypto exchanges so that suspicious crypto platforms can be taken down easily at a very low probability of loss. 

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