Huobi crypto exchange also will help Dominica to design national digital currency


Huobi crypto exchange teamed up with TronDao to design the sovereign digital currency “DMC coin” for Dominica.

Dominica is an Island country that hired the TronDao team to develop blockchain technology-based digital currency for Dominica. The developers of TronDao also will design the Dominica I’d KYC system which will be fully based on blockchain technology. TronDao is a team founded by Justin Sun. TronDao is known for its Tron blockchain network (TRC-20). TRX is a native Token on the Tron blockchain and this coin is popularly known as the best coin in the list of flagship assets because of its ability to transfer funds through its network fastly & efficiently. 

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On 29 November, Justin Sun, Tron founder, announced through his Twitter account that Huobi Global exchange teamed up with TronDao to work on Dominic Coin & ID KYC development work. 

Justin Sun & Multiple Crypto Projects

As we know Justin Sun is the Founder of Tron blockchain but he is no longer in the crypto industry as an official participant. In late 2021, Justin left the crypto sector to work as the brand ambassador of the Grenada government to the World Trade Organization. 

No doubt that he is no longer in the crypto sector at any official job position but in reality, he remains active to talk about crypto Projects & helping crypto adoption. 

In his career, he founded many crypto projects like WinkLink (Win), BitTorrent (BTT), JustSwap (JST), and Sunswap (Sun). He is also the owner of multiple crypto projects like Poloniex, Huobi Global, etc. 

At present, Justin is one of the board members at Huobi Global but he never admitted that he owns any stake in Huobi exchange. 

In the past, few reports claimed that Justin many times was involved in several crypto projects as a manipulator and took many steps against applicable regulatory frameworks, in order to launch crypto project forcibly.

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