hyper volatile nature attracts crypto investment, says Dogecoin founder


Billy Markus shared his stance against the statement “cryptocurrencies are the best hedge against inflation”. 

Billy Markus is popularly known as Shibetoshi Nakamoto and he is co-founder of the popular meme coin Doge. In 2013, Billy and his friend Jackson Palmer launched Dogecoin without any use concept to prove that the launch of cryptocurrencies is just fun and anyone can do it. However, the origin of Dogecoin was nothing but, in reality, the current situation is much more favorable for this coin, where huge numbers of businesses are accepting it as a means of payment and many Crypto Investors are trading it to make significant profit. 

Recently a discussion started among some crypto proponents on Twitter. The whole discussion started with the tweet of Billy Markus. 

Billy tweeted about the normal question of investment timings in cryptocurrencies during the bear market situation. The whole discussion ended with the thought of the Dogecoin founder that crypto investment is increasing among the people because of the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrencies instead of looking at these digital assets as a hedge against inflation.

The statement in favor of cryptocurrencies as an “inflation hedge” is a common statement among the huge numbers of crypto proponents but this statement usually came in favor of Bitcoin & Ethereum, not in favor of altcoins. 

Dogecoin founder against cryptocurrencies

However, Billy Markus is a big proponent of the crypto industry but in reality, he always showed his negative stances against the new coin’s birth. 

A couple of months ago, Dogecoin co-founder criticized the team of Ape Coin creators. He said that NFTs-based cryptocurrencies launch may ruin the future of NFTs culture.

Billy criticized Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based tokens many times. According to him, all the BSC-based coins are only a scam. 

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