I don’t know how to interact with the XRP community, Says Charles Hoskinson


Cardano’s founder said that he will no longer talk about the Ripple vs SEC case.

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano blockchain & CEO of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK). IOHK is the developer team behind the Cardano blockchain. Cardano is a commercial blockchain network, which is different from the non-profit public blockchain network Ethereum. In the initial phases, Hoskinson was one of the contributors in the Ethereum project.

On 17 December, Cardano founder appeared in a new AskMeAnything (AMA) session on his personal YouTube channel “Charles Hoskinson”. 

Hoskinson said that it is a very challenging moment for him to talk on the matter of the XRP lawsuit. He noted that he passed many XRP-supported statements but every time he faced criticism from the XRP supporters.

“I was accused of lying, and I was accused of yet again creating a flood and trolling. I don’t know how to interact with the XRP community, I think my statements have been historically very measured and supportive,” Hoskinson said.

So, now Hoskinson decided not to comment on the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit in any situation, and also he will not talk after the final court judgement. 

On 16 Dec, Many XRP supporters were criticising Hoskinson over his past claim that Ripple vs SEC judgement would come on 15 Dec but nothing happened. Indeed, at that time Hoskinson noted that many insiders & unconfirmed reports were claiming that the case may end on 15 December.

Ripple vs SEC

In the present time, Ripple vs SEC legal fight is the most trending topic for the crypto sector because many regulatory decisions will come over the Crypto sector, with the outcomes of the XRP Lawsuit result.

Initially, the case was filed on Dec 2020 by the US SEC and at present, Ripple is standing strongly in this case. 

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