I love bitcoin because I don’t trust Fed : Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki tweeted that they love bitcoin because they do not trust the Federal Reserve. 

Robert Kiyosaki is a famous, successful author & writer of financial books. He is especially famous because of his book “Rich dad poor dad”. Through the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book, Robert guided the whole world with his knowledge and skill that how people can save themself in the investment in many financial sectors which can give profit and also guided people how to set up their business with better stability & safety to avoid any risks. 

In recent years, Robert openly showed his support for bitcoin and also suggested people how & when to invest in Bitcoin. Usually he suggests people to wait for the perfect time and we should see Bitcoin crash as an opportunity instead of any fear. 

In the Covid-19 pandemic, he suggested people to invest gold, silver & Bitcoin assets to save from the melting economy.

On 15 October, River Kiyosaki tweeted that “he loves bitcoin because he dont have trust the Fed”.

And on 16 October, Robert shared his happiness for bitcoin to hit $60k after 6 months. But through the tweet, he claimed that they are not gonna Invest in bitcoin right now, they will wait for a better pull back in the price of bItcoin.

With the tweet, Rober keyoski didn’t only share his stance on bitcoin but he suggested people should invest in Bitcoin at the perfect time.  Before this, Robert claimed that Bitcoin may face a big crash but if it does not face any crash then it will be unstoppable, but  people should not take tension about the possible crash, people should be ready to take benefits from the dip. 

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