In future Crypto assets might struggle but blockchain will not, Says Pantera Capital CEO


The chief executive officer of Pantera Capital shared his opinion on the future Crypto & blockchain technology adoption in the world.

Pantera Capital is a US-based hedge fund manager, which has several talents that specialize in the digital assets sector. This hedge fund manager is one of the largest crypto hedge funds in the world, in terms of total AUM.

Recently Dan Morehead, the head of the institutional asset manager Pantera Capital, appeared in an interview with CNBC and said that the future of cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology is very bright and it will become more popular with time because of the use cases.

In particular, Dan said that crypto will be involved in our daily life and will change many aspects of our life.

“The important thing to keep in mind is crypto is such a disruptive thing that’s going to change so many aspects of our lives in the next decade,” Dan said

Further Pantera Capital CEO said that in the next half of the decade there will be billions of Blockchain users and it will increase the value of crypto assets. He also said that the value of crypto assets may struggle but the adoption rate & use will not degrade.

“I can see a world a few years from now where risk assets might still be struggling, but blockchain will be back to all-time highs based on its fundamentals,” Pantera Capital CEO said.

Earlier this, the head of crypto hedge fund manager predicted in 2020 that the price of Bitcoin will hit a new high in the next 12 months, and the same happened in 2021 when Bitcoin touched $69k.

Bitcoin Price Action

The current price of Bitcoin is $19,085 and this price is only 0.07% high over the last 24 hours’ trade price.

In future Crypto assets might struggle but blockchain will not, Says Pantera Capital CEO 1

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